Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Favorite Aunt and Uncle

It's a tough job being the favorite Aunt and Uncle, but someone has got to do it! :) My sister Jessica came down to visit with her family for Thanksgiving! It was so fun seeing her and her precious boys!
We invited Kurtis to spend the night at our house and he decided to invite his cousin Frank to spend the night as well. So we happily had two little boys at our house! After Thanksgiving Dinner we took the boys to go see Madagascar 2 and Rachel and Ollie were able to join us :) After the movie, Fankie said good bye to Rachel and Ollie and we were on our way! Dave taught them to say "GUN IT AND RUN IT!!!" EVERYTIME the light turned green..... So needless to say that was being screamed in the car the whole way home!
We got home and they made themselves right at home :) Dave took out a box of his old hot wheels for them to play with while they watched "Wall-e" (All they wanted to do was watch movies!) About half way through the movie, Dave got up and walked into the kitchen. Kurtis asked what he was doing and he said "I'm going into the kitchen to poop.." I rolled my eyes and tried to reassure Kurtis that he was lying. Then we heard fart noises coming from the kitchen..... While make these noises, Dave slapped chocolate pudding on a plate and brought into the living room. He showed the boys and then tasted it! Kurtis look horrified and Frank was laughing! He finally told them the truth and then we all ate "Poopie Pudding"!
I love my nephews SOOO much! I'm glad I got to see Kurtis and Sean! I miss them so much! i hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!