Sunday, April 17, 2011

Beach Days!

With such amazing weather, Cash and I have taken several trips to the beach :) He loves playing with his baby friends and I love getting my tan on :) I really enjoy watching his little brain at work. Feeling the wind and the sand, watching the water, he just takes it all in. Cash had so much fun playing with his buddies Aubrey, Ryder, and Gavin!! They shared toys and Cash had a little cuddle sesh with Gavin's mom, Stacey :) Thanks for a great day at the beach girls!!

Gavin is always Camera ready!! Everytime there is a camera, he seems to look right at it :) And all the boys were obsessed with grabbing Aubrey's tutu..... She's already got all the boys chasing her!Cash loved just sitting on the blanket, playing with his toys. I wish I had taken a picture from behind..... His little butt crack was hanging out :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

It's workout time!!

I try to do some form of physical activity everyday, for my sanity and waistline :) Cash loves being along for the ride :) I play soccer every Monday and Cash and Dave usually come. On this particular day, it was rainy so I obviously didn't want them to come............. This is the sweet little face that I came home to :) I love working out with my little man :)