Monday, February 21, 2011

My sweet baby Cash

I cannot help but be overwhelmed today by how much I love my sweet little boy. I love everything about him! I could list for days what I love, but I will narrow it to 10 for now :)

  1. I love his sweet little smile

  2. I LOVE his laugh

  3. I love when he takes my face in his little hands and gives me kisses (He's really trying to eat my face, but I call it kisses)

  4. I love that he is always happy to see me

  5. I love when he coughs and farts at the same time

  6. I love his fake cough

  7. I love his crazy hair

  8. I love the when he plays with my hands and shirt while he's eating

  9. I love he plays with Daddy and can't stop giggling

  10. I love his handsome little butt chin

There are just 10 of the reasons why I love him!!! I am so greatful to have this sweet little boy in my life and to be his Mommy. He has rocked my world and I wouldn't have it any other way :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cash's First Haircut

As most of you know, my son was born with an abnormal amount of hair. I love it and it gives him so much personality..... but when his "bed head" turned to "dread head"..... I decided (after weeks of convincing my husband) that Cash needed a haircut.

Here is his crazy hair and SWEET mullet before his haircut :) Naturally I couldn't cut it myself. A 4 month old baby MUST go to the salon for his first haircut. So I called my girlfriend/Cash's Auntie Kristy and I held him while she cut :) He was such a trooper and only cried once! He looked so handsome when he was all done! My baby is now a little boy :(

On another note, Dave and I went on our first date since Cash was born 4 months ago!! It was so much fun! Thank you Auntie Melea and Uncle Robbie for watching our little Boogy :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Crazy Sunday Mornings.....

Sundays....... I don't know if it's the fact that Dave is home from work or that I really want to sleep in, but I always have a hard time getting to church on time. (On time for us is 30 minutes early since Dave plays the organ) So, I told Dave that if he wanted to get to church on time that he needed to help me get Cash ready :) As a mom, and being with your baby all day everyday, things just are sometimes easier if you do them yourself. I was determined to have Dave help me without hovering over him. So, I gave Cash a bath and asked Dave to get him dressed so that I could start getting ready. Mind you, I set EVERYTHING out that he needed; bodysuit shirt, vest, jeans, binky, diaper, socks, lotion, and butt cream.

I take a deep breath and start getting ready. "He can to that without asking and questions. He's got this...." Cash doesn't particularly like getting lotion put on, so I can here him screaming from the other room. I have a routine that I do with him to keep him from getting upset, but Dave can do this...... I don't need to go help. I continue doing my thing...... Then silence..... followed by a shrill scream.... then silence......


D: "How do I put this shirt on?"

Me: "Put it on over his head and make sure all the buttons down the front are undone......"

D: "..................................Why do you give me impossible tasks?!?"

Really? Really? I didn't realize getting a baby dressed was an impossible task, my mistake. I love my husband to pieces and he really does help out a lot, but some things are just easier when I do them.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's been awhile....

Aubrey, Cash, Gavin, and Ryder

Cash and his cousin Addison

Me and my sweet little man

Cash's first Halloween (He was a bat)

It has been so long since I've posted!! I had a rough pregnancy (sick through most of it and got the swine flu) Quick run down of what has happened since my last post (and a little before): Found out our good friends Kristy and Richard were pregnant (December), found out her twin Stacey and her husband Joe were pregnant(January), got ready for our Cancun vacation, found out WE were pregnant(February), went to Cancun, morning sickness started, found out our other friends Heidi and Gordon were pregnant(February), my niece Addison was born, had swine flu over Easter, went to San Jose for Kristy and Stacey's baby shower/birthday, went to the beach for 4th of July with our friends and pregnant bellies, celebrated Dave's 28th birthday, Sweet Princess Aubrey was born to Kristy and Richard, shared a birthday with Stacey and Joe's little guy Gavin, had my baby shower, went to Heidi's baby shower, FINALLY had sweet baby Cash Browning Phend 10/16/10 at 8:38am (after 22 hours in labor) Heidi and Gordon had their chunky monkey, Ryder, 3 days later, and enjoyed celebrating the holidays with our new little guy :)