Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Baby and Vacation!!

Yes, it's true..... I'm pregnant :) My due date is October 13 :) All day sickness is not so much fun, but I know it will be worth it :)
We went on vacation to Cancun, Mexico for 9 glorious days which gave us both a nice break and time to celebrate our news :) I did however have my first pregnant woman emotional break down....It all started with me being hungry..
Befor my sickness kicked in, I was STARVING!! I mean STARVING!!! In 4 hours I ate chicken tetrazzini, 9" sub (I finished the last 3" of Dave's sub), chips, a soda, a veggie tray from Starbucks, and a smoothie. And I was still hungry. So we get on the plane and they announce that they will be bringing out the beverage cart. Since they charge for snacks now, i figured that I would order a V8 and that would hold me over. As I sit at the back of the plane watching anxiously for the cart to make its way to me (glaring at anyone who was taking too long or blocking the carts path) I'm going through the exchange in my head

"Would you like something to drink?"
"V8 please"
"Here you go. Oh are you pregnant? You don't look bloated at all!"
So they finally get to me. I look at her with my sweetest voice i ask for a V8..... They don't have V8.... What do you mean you don't have V8?!? I am pregnant and hungry!! How do you not have that?!? My eyes well up with tears as I quietly say "I'll just take an orange juice." Dave, however, is completely oblivious to what has just happened, so I made my sniffling louder :) He looks and me and asked what was wrong.... and it was all down hill from there...
"I just wanted a V8 and they don't have any and I'm hungry and I'm tired of flying and I have bad gas and I'm tired and I have to pee all the time!!" After about 10 minutes Dave calmed me down and we enjoyed the remainder of our flight :) We so exciting to be adding to our family and will keep you all updated :)