Thursday, February 10, 2011

Crazy Sunday Mornings.....

Sundays....... I don't know if it's the fact that Dave is home from work or that I really want to sleep in, but I always have a hard time getting to church on time. (On time for us is 30 minutes early since Dave plays the organ) So, I told Dave that if he wanted to get to church on time that he needed to help me get Cash ready :) As a mom, and being with your baby all day everyday, things just are sometimes easier if you do them yourself. I was determined to have Dave help me without hovering over him. So, I gave Cash a bath and asked Dave to get him dressed so that I could start getting ready. Mind you, I set EVERYTHING out that he needed; bodysuit shirt, vest, jeans, binky, diaper, socks, lotion, and butt cream.

I take a deep breath and start getting ready. "He can to that without asking and questions. He's got this...." Cash doesn't particularly like getting lotion put on, so I can here him screaming from the other room. I have a routine that I do with him to keep him from getting upset, but Dave can do this...... I don't need to go help. I continue doing my thing...... Then silence..... followed by a shrill scream.... then silence......


D: "How do I put this shirt on?"

Me: "Put it on over his head and make sure all the buttons down the front are undone......"

D: "..................................Why do you give me impossible tasks?!?"

Really? Really? I didn't realize getting a baby dressed was an impossible task, my mistake. I love my husband to pieces and he really does help out a lot, but some things are just easier when I do them.


Francesca said...

TOTALLY understand! When Caden was first born and Justin wasn't working, I wanted him to help at night. But all that happened was I ended up doing everything and getting mad at Justin for giving up so easily. Men!

Jessica said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! That is hilarious!