Monday, February 21, 2011

My sweet baby Cash

I cannot help but be overwhelmed today by how much I love my sweet little boy. I love everything about him! I could list for days what I love, but I will narrow it to 10 for now :)

  1. I love his sweet little smile

  2. I LOVE his laugh

  3. I love when he takes my face in his little hands and gives me kisses (He's really trying to eat my face, but I call it kisses)

  4. I love that he is always happy to see me

  5. I love when he coughs and farts at the same time

  6. I love his fake cough

  7. I love his crazy hair

  8. I love the when he plays with my hands and shirt while he's eating

  9. I love he plays with Daddy and can't stop giggling

  10. I love his handsome little butt chin

There are just 10 of the reasons why I love him!!! I am so greatful to have this sweet little boy in my life and to be his Mommy. He has rocked my world and I wouldn't have it any other way :)


Holly & Matt said...

I love this, and I know exactly how you feel. It's so magical to have a little guy. I love his little butt chin too!

Francesca said...

Caden "kisses" us too. The funniest is the face he makes when Justin gets him to kiss his beard stubble!

simpledaisy said...

Awwww!!! that is so sweet:)

Diana Smith said...

A babys giggle is the cutest sound ever!!! I found your blog from Utah Baby Blog and wanted to invite you to our first Blog Party in Utah. If you are interested in coming there are details on my blog at Thank you so much!! Would love to hang out!

Jessica said...

He is the cutest 5 month old I've ever seen! Miss him!